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The Hahnemann College of Homeopathy was founded in 1980 and is now established as one of the leading teaching organizations for Homeopathy in the United Kingdom and other countries. Since its foundation, many students from the UK and overseas have attended courses; and the College maintains the highest standards, develops new teaching methods and keeps abreast of new research in homeopathy.

Students have ascribed to the fact that being a student of this college means thorough instruction techniques and personal attention to every detail in their endeavours. The College, which is the most respected and longest established homeopathic teaching centre in the United Kingdom, is a private organization and is run entirely on the resources of its own teaching dedicated to the art and principles of classical homeopathic treatment.

Chief Patron

Mr. Charles Tankard Hahnemann

As a descendant of Samuel Hahnemann, I extend my best wishes to the management, teaching staff and students of the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, London. It is important for all current and future practitioners of Homeopathy to have a true and thorough understanding of the subject. All homeopaths should learn and adhere to the historic and fundamental standards set down by Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. The education of homeopaths should be on going so as to keep up with any honest advances, but there is no safe practice without a true knowledge of the fundamentals of Homeopathy.

There is no doubt what Samuel Hahnemann founded so many years ago flourish today in the good hands of individuals like you throughout the world.

Director & Principal

Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma
BMS, PG Hom - London, R.Hom., MARH- UK, MHMA - UK, FRCH - UK

Homeopathy is progressing with time and we have to enrich our Homeopathic knowledge in line with the modern changing world. Although, basic principles of Homeopathy will remain the same, but everyday use of computers and specially designed software are taking control and relieving the burden of immensely busy life.

We need to update and adapt the procedures of modern practice to achieve the maximum benefits of this natural medical science. I am pleased to welcome you to join the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and assure you of best Homeopathic education and also new practicing methods, as we have a highly educated, dedicated and experienced teaching staff.

Our Team

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Mr. Charles Tankard Hahnemann

Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma

Mr. Tony Haines